Meat-free Monday recipe

One serving of this vegetarian friendly cottage pie provides a whopping 5 portions of vegetables; perfect for meat-free Monday! It’s … Continued

The Low-down on Nut Butters

Not that long ago, the only choice when it came to nut butters was smooth or crunchy peanut butter. Now the preserves shelves in health food shops are offering a choice of almond, cashew and brazil alternatives – but what are the health benefits?

The ultimate indulgent, yet healthy Valentine’s Day menu

Think indulging this Valentine’s Day means breaking those healthy eating habits you’ve worked so hard at? Think again. Vavista dietitian, Sophie Claessens shares a few ideas for an indulgent, yet healthy Valentine’s Day menu, from breakfast or brunch, to dinner and dessert.

Sugar vs. Sweeteners – the lesser of two evils?

The Review is Dr. Sally Norton’s comment on the week’s hot topics, health news and research – giving you a clear, simple, trusted view on the very latest findings to affect your health, weight and wellbeing. This week, as the Sugar Debate rages on, Sally looks at the science behind sweeteners and questions whether they are in fact the ‘healthier alternative’.

Better beans on toast

Forget the tinned variety – making your own baked beans adds taste without excess salt and sugar. Ingredients: Makes four … Continued