Should I Go Vegan?

Fad or full of sense? Is the rationale behind veganism as nutty as the food? Find out more about how veganism can … Continued

Is gluten-free better for me?

In recent years, many people have been going ‘gluten-free’ – but not always because they are coeliac, or have a gluten-intolerance… So why? Well, for some, gluten-free is seen a healthier option… What truth is there to this? Is gluten-free really better for you? Dr Sally investigates.

Could I have Coeliac Disease?

UK consultant weight loss expert and Vavista founder, Dr. Sally Norton will answer your dieting dilemmas and weighty issues in her weekly Q&A session, this week she tackles Coeliac Disease and discusses some of the common symptoms and beneficial dietary changes

Coeliac Awareness Week 2017

Coeliac awareness week is upon us – and the Gluten Freevolution campaign launched by is focused on improving gluten-free … Continued

Just do something!

‘Just do something’ is my new mantra. Not  ‘Sign up today for our 3 month gym membership and find your … Continued

Family fitness

There is a limitless range of things you can do together as a family. A lot of it comes down … Continued

The importance of staying hydrated

This week Sally helps us to understand the real importance of staying hydrated, and gives some helpful tips on increasing our water intake.