Just do something!

‘ Just do something ’ is my new mantra. Not  ‘Sign up today for our 3 month gym membership and … Continued

Why now is the time to quit smoking – for good!

This week, with World No Tobacco Day on the 31st May, Sally answer those common questions and concerns that many people have when it comes to giving up smoking. Also, how to maximise your chances of successfully quitting smoking with 9 simple tips.

Should I Go Vegan?

Fad or full of sense? Is the rationale behind veganism as nutty as the food? Find out more about how veganism can … Continued

Is gluten-free better for me?

In recent years, many people have been going ‘gluten-free’ – but not always because they are coeliac, or have a gluten-intolerance… So why? Well, for some, gluten-free is seen a healthier option… What truth is there to this? Is gluten-free really better for you? Dr Sally investigates.