Just do something!

‘ Just do something ’ is my new mantra. Not  ‘Sign up today for our 3 month gym membership and … Continued

Top 5: Tips for staying active on holiday

We all use holidays as an excuse to sit back and relax, but they also give us the perfect opportunity to look after ourselves and take care of our bodies too. So with this in mind, DW Fitness Clubs have put together 5 top tips for those of you jetting off to sunnier climates; helping you to make the most of your time away.

Lead by example – the link between parent and child activity levels

The Review is Dr. Sally Norton’s comment on the week’s hot topics, health news and research – giving you a clear, simple, trusted view on the very latest findings to affect your health, weight and wellbeing. This week Sally examines the intrinsic link between parents’ and their children’s activity levels; plus why ‘little and often’ isn’t good for the waistline and how spring sunshine may be the key to weight-loss