Bike to school day

A recent study showed that cycling to work is an easy way to fit some exercise into your day and give … Continued

Family fitness

There is a limitless range of things you can do together as a family. A lot of it comes down … Continued

Are processed foods really that bad?

The Review is Dr. Sally Norton’s comment on the week’s hot topics, health news and research – giving you a clear, simple, trusted view on the very latest findings to affect your health, weight and wellbeing. This week, Sally takes an in-depth look at processed foods and the latest report showing just how bad they can be for our health and waistlines! Also this week, could a handful of nuts be enough to help protect us from cancer, heart disease and diabetes?

Childhood obesity – the epidemic that we can’t ignore

This week, Sally takes a look at the latest studies on childhood obesity, and how important it is that we begin to take notice of this growing epidemic. Also this week, is the sugar message starting to sink in? And the latest app aimed at helping you to curb those cravings!

Hidden health benefits of your Christmas dinner

We all know how easy it is to see Christmas Day as a write off when it comes to healthy eating. But did you know there are a good number of hidden health benefits in our Christmas Dinner? Dietician Sophie Claessens reveals the foods to focus on for a healthier, but still delicious Christmas Dinner…